About Us

Our story begins in 2008.
In 2019 we opened a new chapter.

Home is where the heart is... and Kilian's heart is in Bavaria. After exciting years in New Zealand and London, Kilian returned to his homeland in 2008 and since then has passionately dedicated his skills to creating excellent, handmade chocolates & pralines.

Through a series of unexpected events, Kilian made an acquaintance in 2019 that would change things. That acquaintance was with an enthusiastic business consultant and her son - a newly graduated graphic designer . Shortly thereafter, KILIAN SCHOEN CHOCOLATES was born, along with our already iconic blue packaging.

Since then, the dynamic trio has been working tirelessly to tell Kilian's new story. A story that is not only about delicious, handmade chocolate, but also about good design, honest sustainability, collaboration and above all: daring to think differently, showing courage and enchanting the world with handmade delicacies.

This is important to us:

100% natural ingredients. Promised.

We only use 100% natural, sustainably grown ingredients.
To ensure this, our chocolates and pralines are UTZ certified.
This means that our chocolate comes from fair & sustainable cultivation.


Sustainability is an issue that affects us all. Everyone has to do their part. Even if it's not easy sometimes, we work on ourselves and our products every day to minimize our ecological footprint.
That is our promise to ourselves and our customers.

Our philosophy? Collaboration.

If we stopped collaborating, it would be like removing Kilian Schoen from Kilian Schoen Chocolates and you would only have Chocolates left. And that is the point. KSC stands for more than just chocolate and we only achieve this through mutual respect, trust and passion.

chocolate and art? Yes, please!

Keeping up with the times is important to us, which is why we created KSC x Creative.
KSC x Creative is an initiative to support artists through collaborations and thereby redefine how we understand chocolate. In 2020 and beyond.