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Climate-neutral packaging material

Sustainability is an issue that affects us all. Everyone has to do their part. Even if it's not easy sometimes, we work on ourselves and our products every day to minimize our ecological footprint. That is our promise to ourselves and our customers. We will show you what we are doing to become a sustainable company step by step.

The world has a problem: where to put all the garbage? In Germany alone, more than 2 BILLION to-go coffee cups are thrown away every year. We have made it our task to take responsibility for our packaging material.

That's why we ship all online orders in biodegradable mailer boxes. In addition, we use plastic-free cellulose films and produce our printed matter exclusively at environmentally friendly printers.

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Our chocolate is UTZ certified.

Sustainability also means supporting the fair and socially just cultivation of our most valuable raw material: the cocoa bean! Accordingly, our chocolatey products are UTZ certified. A UTZ certificate ( ) enables us and you to trace the origin of our chocolate.

This standard was developed as an answer to one of the biggest challenges in the field of sustainable cocoa: reforestation, climate change, systematic poverty and social inequality. Together with the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ has drawn up a code of conduct that is regularly checked and further developed.

Only the best goes into our chocolate. Regional and 100% natural

It is important to us to avoid unnecessary transport routes for our products. That's why we source our ingredients regionally wherever possible! In addition, all ingredients are 100% natural: no artificial flavor enhancers, no coloring and no preservatives.

We want you to be able to consume all of our products without a guilty conscience, so we play it safe that only the best of the best goes into our pralines and chocolates.

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