Introducing KSC x CREATIVE. A cultural initiative

Our goal is to stay connected with contemporary visual culture.
That's why we partner with creative artists to collaborate and learn from them.

This is at the core of KSCxCreative, a KSC initiative aimed at empowering artists through collaboration and redefining the way we engage with fine chocolate.

KSC x CREATIVE: Zea Lindström + Nick Dunne

Swedish art director and designer Zea Lindström has teamed up with British still life photographer Nick Dunne to create this year's KSC campaign.

Their photographs translate our iconic packaging and happy treats into modern design sculptures.

KSC x CREATIVE: Freddy Frydenlund (Part I)

Inspired by the Danish "Hygge" and the Bavarian "G'miatlichkei", Danish artist Freddy Frydenlund created a series of illustrations as part of KSCxCreative.

KSC x CREATIVE: Freddy Frydenlund (Part II)

KSC has partnered with Danish artist Freddy Frydenlund to create a limited edition print series that showcases the essence of our iconic packaging and brings together the best of papermaking.